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Projector on Rent Durgapur

At Ace Computer Laptop Rental, we make renting a projector easy and ensure your rental experience is hassle-free. Our projector rental service can be availed for business and personal use any where in Durgapur. Customers can choose from a variety of projectors with different features from brand like Epson, Hitachi, and Benq supporting Full HD to 4K resolution, Short Throw Projection, 3000-5000 Lumens Projector.

Along with quality checked projector we give tripod and map-type Projector Screen on rent, which are ideal for indoor, outdoor and large space events. Projector Screen Sizes available are 5*4, 6*4, 8*6 and 10*8.


Whether you need a projector for a day, a week, or a month, our projector rental services in Durgapur have you covered.

We provide latest models of Projector on rent in Kolkata for presentation, business meetings, Society Meetings, Annual programs, Training, birthdays, Weddings, sports events, Worldcup, IPL, Movie nights etc. We can also provide our representative to setup and manage the equipment throughout its usage. If you require to rent for longer period, your rental cost will be lower.


Additional products like Pointer/Presenter, Laptop and Sound System also available as per your requirement.

Customers can order for the latest technology at a pocket-friendly price from us.

If you have any questions about your requirements then you can call us on 7003549303 and we can have a deep discussion.

For the Best Projector Rental deals Contact us Now!


  • What is the rent of Projector on hire? 
    Starting rent per month for a
    projector is Rs 1000/- and goes upto Rs 5000 depending on configuration.

  • ​Can I extend the time for renting a Projector? 

      Yes, Sure customer can extend rental tenure as per requirement.

  • How can I order a Projector on hire?

Projector Image Ace Rental.png

Why choose us as Projector Rental Agency ?

  • In business for 7 years

  • Large Inventory

  • Quick Delivery all over Durgapur

  • Quality checked Projector

  • Fast and Hassle free service

  • Proper Technical Assistance as and when required

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Projector Installation Done by Us

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