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Printer on Rent: A Smart and Flexible Solution for Your Printing Needs

Printer on Rent

Hey there! Are you a business owner looking for efficient office equipment for your employees? Or, are you a student looking to print your assignments? We know buying a printer is not possible for you at this moment. The reasons are many, such as huge repair and maintenance costs, no flexibility, high upfront costs, low discounts, etc. This is where a printer on rent comes to the rescue.

Ace Computer Laptop Rental offers the best printer rental services in Kolkata. With several years of successfully delivering satisfactory aid to their clients, they deal in numerous rental equipment, such as printer rental, laptops, PCs, servers, projectors, and so on. In this guide, we will discuss why renting a printer is a smart and flexible choice for your individual as well as organisational needs.

The Rise of Printer Rental Services

  • As you know, the demand for a printer is surging now.

  • Be it learners or office employees, nobody can sustain their operations without an affordable and well-working printer.

  • A quality printer on rent offers significant advantages to these people, with 24*7 customer support.

  • Moreover, there are no hidden costs associated with renting a printer, contrary to buying.

  • Let’s discover other benefits of getting a printer on rent.

Why Should You Rent a Printer?

Getting a printer on rent offers these main advantages:

1. Low Upfront Costs

One of the main reasons you should opt for a printer on rent is it's little to no upfront costs. You don’t have to separately pay for repair and maintenance when you lease a printer. You are charged super affordable rates once a month, making your budget more stable. 

Contrarily, when you buy one, you are charged for the upkeep, technical support, and hardware. You’ll always have to worry about breakdowns, wear and tear, and troubleshooting problems with no support on your side.

2. 24*7 Tech Support

Repair and maintenance are true headaches for everybody, especially CEOs and company employees. Wear and tear can gradually occur, and investing in technical keeps costs a lot. Furthermore, buying equipment doesn’t guarantee that it’ll keep working even after fixing the issues.

That’s not the case with a printer on rent. When you hire a printer rental firm in Kolkata, such as Ace Computer Laptop Rental, you also ensure great maintenance service and your rental package. Their employees are pros in technical stuff with several successful operations. 

3. Access to the Latest Technology

When you buy equipment, you can replace it after the return period is over. Furthermore, most people lack basic technical know-how regarding the model type to choose. They suck at selecting the latest printers and then regret later. 

When you rent a printer, you get access to the latest upgrade and technology. Our technical professionals explain to you the benefits and drawbacks of selecting a particular model. This helps you make an informed decision and lease the best printer on rent.

4. Peace of Mind

You may feel at ease knowing your printer is dependable and always operational. You can focus on your core business exercises while leaving the printing headaches to the printer rental service. You don’t have to worry about repair and administration when Ace Computer Laptop Rental is there. All you have to do is connect with them and you can easily get solutions to all your rental issues.

Top Printers on Rent

Here is the list of top printers to rent in 2024:

(a) Laser Printer

Old yet classic, the laser printer has been there for several decades. It actively helps you print high-quality documents/pictures with ease. It makes use of laser technology to print sharp letters, numbers, alphanumerics, or graphics. It is the fastest printer to date and is best for professional-looking documents.

(b) A3 Size Printer

An A3 size printer is specially designed for printing long-form documents, such as banners, posters, infographics, etc. It is versatile enough to manage large as well as medium and small media sizes. This tool is perfect for architects as well as graphic designers who are continually in search of an affordable printer for rent.

(c) Colour Printer

Remember your school days when you used to visit cybercafes to print your assignments and paintings? Yes, a colour printer is everyone’s favourite. This printer can print graphics, images, colourful PowerPoint presentations, and attractive visuals. You can use this for marketing, photography printing, school projects, etc.

(d) Barcode Printer

Barcode printers are used by shops and departmental stores to read bar codes or labels. They are usually utilised in businesses for inventory management, shipping, goods labelling, etc. These codes help businesses track and manage inventory effectively. 

(e) Photo Printer

Are you a photography freak? Then, this printer on rent is the ideal choice for you! A photo printer is developed to print clear and concise photographs with outstanding clarity and visual appearance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Haven’t rented a printer before? Let’s help you get started by discussing a few FAQs:

Que1. Which printer do I choose?

You can rent any printer based on your needs. If you want coloured print-outs, go for a colour printer. Contrarily, you can choose a laserjet printer if you need it solely for professional purposes and a black-and-white document would be fine for you.

Que2. Is it cheaper to lease or buy a copier?

Leasing a copier is much more pocket-friendly than buying one. Unlike the secondary, you won’t have to incur any hidden costs or upfront expenses. Moreover, there would be no additional charges for repair and maintenance.

Que3. What are the benefits of leasing a printer?

Leasing a printer offers several benefits, such as 

  • No hidden charges 

  • No long-term commitment

  • 24*7 technical upkeep services 

  • Free consultation with the rental company

  • Access to the latest technology and models

Que4. What is the life expectancy of a laserjet printer?

A well-furnished laserjet printer can last for several years. Some models can last up to 5-10 years or even more. 


Getting a printer on rent is a smart and economical option for businesses of all sizes. With lower upfront costs, no support stresses, adaptability, and the capacity to remain updated with trends, leasing gives various benefits. 

Anyway, what are you waiting for? If you need a printer to rent in Kolkata, think about Ace Computer Laptop Rental as your trustworthy partner. A choice can set aside your cash, time, and headaches while guaranteeing your printing needs are met effectively.


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